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Wordartz Gift Card


Want to give the gift of a Wordartz, but want the recipient to be able to choose their photo and words? Not a problem! To make it easiest, you may purchase an electronic gift card so that they can create their very own artwork.

The process for you and your recipient is simple:

  1. You order a Wordartz Gift Card and receive the electronic gift card emailed to you. The electronic gift card will come to you in the form of a code. You can present this to the recipient in many creative ways. Along with forwarding the email or placing the code within a card, you could also get creative - place the code within a photo frame, wrap it in a small box, slide it in with a new camera or phone.
  2. Recipient explores the Wordartz website and chooses their photo and their words. They'll enter the gift card code when completing their order on our website. If their order total exceeds the difference of the gift card amount, they will pay the difference to complete their order.
  3. Wordartz will take it from here and get to work creating their custom artwork.

Gift Card purchases are covered under our 100% Money Back Guarantee. In the event of a refund, they will occur back to original forms of payment -  electronic gift card and credit card (if applicable).