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This is when your creativity unleashes! They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so this is the chance to bring your Wordartz to life. When choosing your photo, its good to think of how you will display your Wordartz. Will it be incorporated into another digital artwork project, or will you print it on cards, a wall canvas, a digital background or another fun printable product in the marketplace? Here are some tips to consider when choosing your photo:
  • A fundamental photography rule for creating dynamism in your artwork is to use leading lines. These are lines that draw the viewer's attention to the subject of the photo. This is usually produced by geometrical patterns or lighting conditions in the photo.

  • When identifying leading lines, perhaps you may identify some layering in the photo's composition. This can create interesting tones and textures that can help your photo appear more immersive.

  • Movement can add a level of excitement to a photo, or simply capture some remarkable moment in time. Either way, it helps the subject stand out from the background. In fact, you can manipulate the impact of your photo by isolating, or choose in a photo that creates a sense of motion based on the position of the moving subject.

  • Consider negative and positive space in a photo, and how they can complement the composition. Through our Wordartz process of adding your words to your photo, choosing a photo with extreme positive space and a very busy background could create a clash within the presentation of your custom artwork. When choosing a photo, consider the design you are choosing and how your words will add to the artwork.

  • Along with considering negative and positive space, consider a photo with a blurred background. This type of negative space can help with depth of field as well as possibly some interesting reflections and light sources.

  • Consider the audience of your customer Wordartz artwork. While we've compiled some wonderful tips to consider as you choose your photo, be sure to keep the person/people and/or occasion in mind to ensure that the final artwork aligns with their taste and styles.

  • Depending upon if you choose to print your Wordartz onto a product such as a canvas, think if it requires the outer edges of your photo to appear on the sides. Be sure the subject of your photo is not too close to the edge to become obscured.

Choosing Your Photo.

Simply put, for the best results, please upload a photo of the highest quality available. Pictures should be the original format taken by your digital camera (phone or DSLR), set at the highest resolution possible. Photos taken from social media (ie: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, etc) are not high enough quality for us to use. Please send us the original photo that was uploaded to social media. While they may look great to you, our process requires a much higher resolution and format for us to ensure that you will receive the best Wordartz possible. This allows you the greatest versatility on opportunities you have for enjoying your Wordartz artwork.

Recommended photo specifications are:

  • File size: Higher quality photos equal larger file sizes. We recommend choosing a photo that has a filesize of a few megabytes. If the file size is large, we welcome that! If you're setting out to capture the photo for your Wordartz, set your phone or DSLR to the highest possible resolution.

  • DPI/PPI: Please do not get hung up on these specifications, but please keep them in mind when choosing a photo.

    First, these two acronyms are used interchangeably, but there is a difference. The end result is nearly the same, but just for clarity when thinking about the resolution of your photo -

    PPI: Pixels Per Inch is referenced for viewing your photo digitally.

    DPI: Dots Per Inchis referenced for printing a photo.

    With both resolution calculations, you can see that the more dots the photo has, the higher the quality of the artwork. It's important to choose a photo that has a high pixel count. We recommend at least 150ppi, but prefer 300ppi, to ensure that you do not lose details in your photo, and you are not limited in how you can display and enjoy your Wordartz. If in doubt, please contact us with any questions. We may be able to convert your photo to 300ppi for you. 

  • Format: We prefer to receive your photo as JPG/JPEG or PNG file formats.

Follow these easy steps, separated by device, to check the resolution of the photo you've chosen for your Wordartz:


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


  1. Go to your “Photos” app and choose the photo you want to check. On the bottom of your screen, tap on the box that shows sharing options.
  2. On the sharing options screen, scroll down and select “Save to Files.” Tap on that, select the folder you'd like to save your photo to, then tap “Save.”
  3. Open your “Files” app. Locate the picture you’d like to check, but don’t tap on it. Instead, press your finger down, on top of the photo, and hold until a menu appears.
  4. From the menu, tap on “Info.”
  5. Once you’re on the “Info” page, tap “Show More” (in blue letters).
  6. Scroll until you find your photo’s resolution.


iPhone Info preview for checking photo resolution


  1. Open up the image you’d like to check. This should open the “Preview” app.
  2. On the top menu click on “Tools.” Then, scroll down and select “Adjust Size.”
  3. Once you’re on the “Adjust Size” page, you should see the image dimensions, including resolution. Make sure the unit size you’re looking at is “Pixels/Inch” and check the resolution number.


Mac Preview screenshot for checking photo resolution

Windows PC

  1. Locate the file of the photo you'd like to seelct, but don’t open it. Instead, right click on the photo and select “Properties.”
  2. Once you’re in “Properties,” click on the “Details” tab.
  3. Scroll until you see the resolution or dpi of your picture.


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If you have any questions, please Contact Us.